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Enjoy maximum performance from your electronics with professional installation from AVT!


Consumer Investigator, Dale Cardwell TRUSTS the professionals at Audio Visual Techs (AVT) to know how to achieve maximum performance from your electronic system through accurate placement on the wall and/or prominent space in the entertainment areas of your home. AVT offers customers complete package deals. That means AVT will provide all the necessary components, cables and equipment to complete your installation. Click HERE to receive your exclusive Audio Video Techs/TD Deal of a FREE HDMI Cable with installation agreement. Plus, you get the Audio Video Techs/TD Make It Right Guarantee!

TRUSTDale Tip of the Day: *Blu-ray and DVD Player Basics

Q: What's the difference between DVD and Blu-ray DiscTM?

A: DVDs were designed with standard-definition TVs in mind. While they look great on standard-def sets, they're not able to take advantage of the benefits of high-definition TVs. As televisions have become more advanced, DVD's limitations have become more apparent.

Blu-ray, on the other hand, is a high-definition disc format designed to maximize the viewing experience available from today's HDTVs. Blu-ray discs and players offer several advantages over the regular DVD format, including improved picture and sound quality