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TRUSTDale Tip of the Day: *Bathroom Decorating Ideas for Christmas

To really enjoy the holidays you'll want to decorate to get in the holiday spirit. For most families it is traditional to decorate the more popular living spaces in the home, like the living room. They even deck the halls! The one room that tends to get overlooked is the bathroom. This year, bring your Christmas decorating to a new level. Fill every room with holiday glamour. Use this easy guide for bathroom decorating for Christmas.

Holiday Pictures

Every room needs a focal point. While the bathroom area may only offer limited wall space, add a holiday picture or pictures to give your room some Christmas flair. Use pictures that reflect the theme you want to use, like snowmen or reindeer. If you have no room for a picture, then rely on your shower curtain and hang a curtain with festive Christmas scenes.

Floor Rugs

Roll up those everyday bath mats and bring in some new holiday-inspired bathroom rugs. Use thick, plush greens or whatever color goes with your color scheme. For example, if you have a room that's painted blue you might go with a snowflake motif set on a blue background. Bathrooms painted with bold burgundy paint need burgundy rugs done in a Christmas style that will really flatter the colors. The burgundy rugs could have gold snowflakes sewn into them for a little holiday flair. You could even find some rugs in cut-out shapes. Nice, warm Christmas rugs will keep toes warm while visiting the bathroom.