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Don't get robbed twice: once by the burglar & again by a sketchy alarm company that designed a poor system!


Ackerman Security delivers superior products and service. Their monthly monitoring fee, starting at just $18.95, is not only incredibly competitive, it's backed by the value of a real security system, and real, responsible human beings protecting your family and assets. Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell, president of, trusts Ackerman Security to install only the highest quality products backed by superior warranties and some of the most experienced service technicians in the industry. Click HERE to receive your exclusive Ackerman Security/TD Deal of 2 Free KEYFOBS with a new system purchase (no prior system in place) or 2 Free months of monitoring if we are switching service from another provider when you sign up through TRUSTDale! Plus, you get the Ackerman Security/TRUSTDale Make It Right Guarantee!

TRUSTDale Tip of the Day: *Top Spring Home Security Tips

Is home security on your to-do list for the spring. Trends also reveal that crime rates increase as the weather improves. Take the time now to start your DIY home security plan.

Hedge wisely:
Now is the time to beautify your property and create a deterrent for criminals by planting prickly evergreens beneath your first-floor windows. If you already have a hedge, prune it before the growing season begins for optimal health. Trim back existing bushes to keep them full yet compact; unruly plants can provide a tempting hiding place for opportunistic criminals. Check overhanging trees to make sure they could not help someone climb into a window or over a fence.

Fence it:
Something as simple as a fence can often make the difference between a criminal choosing your house or the next. Consider building a fence to surround the perimeter of your property. If you already have one, now is the time to give it some much needed attention. Harsh winter conditions can lead to splitting, rotting and rusting. Take the time now to repair broken or weakened areas of your fences and make sure that latches and locks are working properly.