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TRUSTDale Tip of the Day: *Puppy Proofing Your Home

Before a new puppy ever crosses the threshold of your home, you want to make sure your house and yard are puppy proof. In every area that's accessible to your puppy, get close to the ground and take a look around. Put things that are unsafe or off-limits out of reach, and check for objects that could be invitingly chewable. The following are specific things to look for when you puppy proof your home.

Around the house

Put away floor plants, decorations, shoes, and clothing

Keep loose articles off the floor. You may think it's cute to see your new puppy chewing on an old shoe, but it won't be funny when he grabs a new one. He doesn't know the difference, so don't establish bad habits.

Secure tablecloths, runners, or other hanging material

A quick pull on one of these can bring everything from the table down on your puppy. Tape or tack them down or remove them altogether.

Taking the time to puppy proof your house and yard is a simple way to create a safe, friendly environment for the newest member of your pack.