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Does your current business insurance policy pay for lost income? Stolen equipment? Fraud?


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TRUSTDale Tip of the Day: *Business Etiquette Tip #1

Cubicle etiquette: Close-quarters rules

Even if there aren't four walls and a door marking the area, you need to respect everyone else's work space. Four etiquette rules:

1. Don't "prairie dog." Walk around the partition to see a neighbor, instead of popping your head over the top. And as you walk down the passageways, don't peek into each workstation.

2. Grant your neighbors private time. Stagger lunch breaks to provide everyone a few minutes alone at their desks.

3. Don't chime in to conversations you hear over the wall. Whether it's a work question you can answer or a private conversation you'd rather not hear, ignore comments that aren't directed at you.

4. Keep lunch in the kitchen. Or, when you absolutely can't leave your desk for a meal, choose foods without strong odors, and dispose of your trash in the kitchen, not in your own wastebasket.