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Because Your Pet is a Member of the Family...


The Shugart Family established Deceased Pet Care Funeral Homes because they believe all pets are important and truly engaging members of the family. The passing of your pet is a very emotional experience. Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell, founder of, trusts Deceased Pet Care to provide you with the highest level of compassionate, caring, and professional services for planning your pet's final arrangements. Click HERE to receive your exclusive Deceased Pet Care/TRUSTDale Deal of a 15% discount off any Pre-Need Arrangements made through the website. This includes 15% off Cremation Services and 10% off Burial Services when Pre-Need Arrangements are made with us 30 days prior to need. Plus, you get the Deceased Pet Care/TrustDale Make It Right Guarantee

TRUSTDale Tip of the Day: *Spring and Summer Dog Care Tips - More than just not leaving your dog in a hot car!
  1. Dogs Can Get Sunburned - It comes as a surprise to many dog owners that Fido can actually get sunburned, particularly if he has a light-colored nose or fur. Pick up dog-approved sunscreen from the pet store and follow the directions on the bottle when applying.
  1. Beware of Poisonous Plants - Evaluate the area your dog is permitted to play in outside. Take care to remove any poisonous plants or vegetation, including Azalea, Lily of the Valley, and mushrooms, to name a few.
  1. Bring Water To The Lake - Standing lake water is a ton of fun for your dog to play in, but bring a water bowl and a bottle of water for when your dog gets thirsty. Standing water can have bacteria or other dangerous particles in it, leading to digestive issues for your dog.