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TrustDale Tip of the Day: * What you can do for Someone with Heat Stress

If you see any signs of severe heat stress, you may be dealing with a life-threatening emergency. Have someone call for immediate medical assistance while you begin cooling the affected person. Do the following:

o Get the person to a shady area.

o Cool the person rapidly, using whatever methods you can. For example, immerse the person in a tub of cool water; place the person in a cool shower; spray the person with cool water from a garden hose; sponge the person with cool water; or if the humidity is low, wrap the person in a cool, wet sheet and fan him or her vigorously.

o Monitor body temperature and continue cooling efforts until the body temperature drops to 101^0-102^0F

o If emergency medical personnel are delayed, call the hospital emergency room for further instructions.

o Do not give the person alcohol to drink.

o Get medical assistance as soon as possible.