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Almost nothing is more personal than purchasing jewelry for a loved one!


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TRUSTDale Tip of the Day: *Ways to Keep Necklaces from Getting Knotted

Knotted necklaces are a nightmare, especially when chains are very small and delicate. They mysteriously become knotted in jewelry boxes and in drawers, and they're nearly impossible to untangle. Patience, good eyes, and a needle are helpful in getting out knots in necklaces, but it's better to prevent knots in the first place. Consider the following ways to keep your necklaces for getting knotted, and take the necessary steps to keep them knot-free and ready to wear.

Hanger Solution

A cheap plastic hanger is an easy solution to keep necklaces from getting knotted. Drape a fastened necklace over the bottom of a hanger, and gently pull one end through the loop in the other end of the necklace to make a half-hitch knot. The necklace won't go anywhere, and it certainly won't get knotted. Several necklaces can be hung on a single hanger, and they'll remain safe while hanging on a closet rod until you're ready to wear them.