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AAMCO Transmissions, the Complete Car Care Experts!


You can always find someone who will do something for less, but the TrustDale investigation has discovered that when it comes to car repair, cheaper isn't always better. AAMCO's labor rate is competitive to everyone in the area. Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell, president of, trusts AAMCO Transmissions to give prompt, courteous warrantied service should you ever need it. Click HERE to receive your exclusive AAMCO/TD Deal of 1. Up to $100 OFF Major Transmission Service and 2. - 5% OFF (up to $100 max.) any Total Car Care Service! Plus, you get the AAMCO/TRUSTDale Make It Right Guarantee!

TRUSTDale Tip of the Day: *Essential Summer Car-Care Tips

Before hitting the road this summer, make sure your ride is in good condition.

1. Make a service stop. We'll leave it to your mechanic to tell you what needs to be done, but a quick tune-up before a long trip is a good idea -- especially because it could improve your fuel economy by 4% to 12%.

2. Ditch the junk in your trunk. No hip-hop reference here -- just clean out your car. The more you haul, the more fuel you burn. An extra 100 pounds in your vehicle could reduce your mpg by up to 2%.

3. Prepare for the worst. You should keep an emergency kit with some necessities in your car in case you get stuck.

We don't want to be a drag, but keep in mind that driving faster than 60 miles per hour decreases your fuel efficiency -- each 5 mph over 60 is like paying an extra 24 cents per gallon for gas. That money is better spent on a snack at the next rest stop.