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7 Point Process: Lawsuit Search


When you’re deciding on a business to hire, one thing they usually won’t tell you about is previous lawsuits. But the bigger a business is and the longer they have been in business, the higher the chances that they have had lawsuits. Knowing if a company has been the subject of lawsuits, as well as the claims and resolutions of any lawsuits, is vital information for evaluating a business’ reliability and customer service. But that information is not always easy to get.

What is a Lawsuit Search

When someone sues a business, the court creates a public record of that lawsuit. Before certifying a business, TrustDALE checks those records to see is a company has ever been sued. A lawsuit doesn’t always mean a company is not trustworthy. So we take a deep dive and investigate not just if the company was sued, but how often they were sued, why they were sued, and if they lost. That way, we can get a full picture of what it’s like to do business with that company.

What Are We Looking For

If we see a pattern of lawsuits, that raises an immediate red flag. A lawsuit should be a last resort. At TrustDALE, we look for businesses that have a history of treating customers right and resolving customer complaints long before they ever become lawsuits. Here at TrustDALE, we receive complaints of businesses mistreating their customers every day, and we work for those consumers to make sure businesses do what’s right. So we know firsthand the difference between a company that makes it right and one that doesn’t. TrustDALE certified companies are companies that value making it right for their customers.

We also look out for companies that have a pattern of lawsuits for defrauding customers. Fraud is a serious crime, and it indicates willfully cheating or stealing from customers. So when we see a company with fraud charges, we take a good look at the accusations and the resolution of the lawsuit. Our daily business is protecting customers from fraud and investigating businesses that defraud their customers. When you use a TrustDALE certified business, you know that you can trust them, because companies we don’t certify companies that defraud their customers.

Lawsuits based on safety are another red flag. We believe that businesses you hire shouldn’t just be committed to customer service and quality products. Companies you hire should also be committed to safety. Companies with a history of safety violations can be dangerous to work with, and they don’t get the TrustDALE seal of approval.

We also take a deep dive into every single lawsuit to look out for other evidence of why you should or should not trust a business.

Stay Safe With TrustDALE

We spend all day helping customers resolve issues with businesses that aren’t treating them right. So we know just how hard it can be to find a reliable business. We want to help you find professionals you can trust, whether you need a landscaper or an accountant or anything in between.

You can search or website or download the TrustDALE Certified Services Guide to find the professionals you need.