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50 Floor Atlanta: Flooring Installation And Materials


Flooring can either be a great focal point for your living space or just a functional way to bring the whole room together. With so many flooring options and stores, it’s hard to pick the right flooring for your home; hardwood is timeless and elegant, while laminate is durable and practical. Carpet is still a great way to add comfort and style to any room and nowadays even more affordable than before.

Another challenge is being able to envision what your room would look like with your newly purchased flooring. The color, style and material matters to all homeowners especially those who are looking to make the most out of their investment and have their floors last a lifetime.

50 Floor Atlanta is Here to Help

What 50 Floor Atlanta does differently than other flooring businesses is the fact that they bring the store to you; turning your home into a flooring showcase. 50 Floor Atlanta creates an atmosphere where you can really envision your perfect flooring choice to match with the colors and pieces you already have in your home, taking the hassle out of guessing. From carpet, hardwood, vinyl and tile, 50 Floor Atlanta carries the latest flooring trends and innovations giving you a wide range of selection.

50 Floor Atlanta offers a one year installation warranty and their price match guarantee to help make those difficult decisions more comforting and reliable. Most projects take a day to complete so you can be entertaining or relaxing in your newly renovated space in no time.

Decisions, Decisions

Hardwood will always be the most popular choice in flooring due to its look and selection variety. Choosing hardwood floors not only increases the value of your home but is also affordable and easy to maintain.

Traditional favorites such as birch, maple, cherry and walnut adds a pop of color while complementing other features in your home. Brazilian cherry, cork and bamboo are quickly gaining popularity also by adding an exotic and versatile style to any living space.

Another favored style in flooring is wood laminate. This type of flooring offers the look and feel of hardwood but is more durable and stain resistant than traditional hardwood. Laminate is great in beating the odds of fading and wear with its 4 layer technology. By adding a wear, decorative, fiberboard core and a back layer to laminate, you can be sure it has all the functionality of hardwood but at a fraction of the cost. 50 Floor Atlanta's laminate has less seem gaps and also can be taken apart when necessary in case you’re planning a move and want to take your laminate flooring with you.

Carpet Never Goes Out of Style

Still valued for comfort, texture, color and warmth, carpet can be a great way to update a living space or to add style and drama to a room. Large patterns for carpet like floral or geometric patterns is popular at the moment, making the design of carpet the focal point.

50 Floor Atlanta offers carpet styles ranging from smooth (saxony), for a formal look, a textured style for a less formal look, twist (frieze) for a soft and casual look and shag, for a comfortable, inviting look.

The texture or pattern of carpet really determines on personal preference, but if you’re looking for something that is stain resistant, static free and durable, wool carpet can be a great choice. Another thing to factor in with a wool fiber carpet is that it eliminates carpet marks for a classy uniform look.

50 Floor Atlanta has everything you’re looking for and more, they are available to help make your next flooring haul an easy and satisfying experience.

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