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5 Reasons Why You Should Have An Oil Change For Your Car Right Now


Car manufacturers are increasingly making claims about low car maintenance costs by lowering down the number of visits you need to make to the mechanic. Technology is fast advancing, yes, but the myth about now having to get an oil change at 15,000 miles needs to be debunked.

Here are 5 reasons why.

  1. Contamination of Oil

Over the years, oil quality has improved dramatically. Cars are making more efficient use of oil, especially synthetic oil, which lasts longer and is now considered to be the best lubricant for any car engine. But a typical car engine will require oil to be replaced every few months, depending on your mileage and usage. Combustion processes within the engine, along with other mechanical wear and tear will contaminate the oil and make it less efficient. Once thick, the oil is less efficient at lubricating moving parts of the engine. Eventually, this oil will start to clog the oil filter, reducing oil flow and increasing friction. Car maintenance requires frequent change of oil; we say this because contaminated oil and low levels of oil can both cause the car engine to wear faster. If you have not changed the oil in more than a few months, chances are that oil levels will drop. An oil life monitoring system can also be found in most cars now which alert you for an oil change when it is required. But, you still need to check for oil levels manually.

  1. Better Oil, Better Engine

Full service oil change and inspection services are offered at Havoline Xpress Lube, providing the best lubricant performance to protect your engine. Synthetic oil change is recommended over a conventional one because it provides more advantages such as reducing engine wear during cold start-ups and reduced oil degradation. It is also thinner than conventional oil and therefore lasts longer, therefore making car maintenance more cost-effective by reducing the number of oil change routines your car requires. Synthetic oil change can offer more benefits to people who prefer less frequent trips to their mechanic and prefer a long mileage with the same oil.

  1. Engine Protection

Not only does better and clean oil help improve engine performance, it also offers better protection over time. Chemical components in the oil serve as anti-wear and corrosion inhibitors. Therefore, running cleaner oil in your engine will help renew this feature every time you get an oil change. Find the best lubricant you can to give your engine maximum mileage.

  1. Protection from Extreme Vehicle Usage

If you use your car for racing or go off-roading frequently, car maintenance guides get stricter for you. For some people, their regular day includes driving on unpaved roads, which means their engine is working harder than usual. At Havoline Xpress Lube, your vehicles performance is made top priority, and professional fuel filter and fuel injection services are provided.

  1. Protection from Everyday Wear and Tear

Situations where you make frequent short trips and encounter stop-and-go traffic indicate oil change warnings. This way, car maintenance worries will come up more often. Similarly, if youíre driving in extreme climates such as humidity or extreme cold, your engine will need the best lubricant to keep it running smoothly. A synthetic oil change is what your car will be screaming out for in such situations. Make sure it gets that.

Your car lives on oil, so get it checked by experts at Havoline Xpress Lube to determine oil quality and level, and get an upgrade with a synthetic oil change today!