TDTV Episode 84, Airdate: 06/18/2012

Season: 2

Episode: 84

Air Date: 06/17/2012

Episode Info

We hear from a viewer who gets help with her car after the TrustDale team speaks to the dealership. Find out the financial mess you can be in when you pick a random locksmith. Mister Sparky answers a common electrical question. Aquaguard basement systems shares home security advice from Ackerman. And the law firm of Gary Martin Hays explains information about attorneys you should consider. Finally, Dale shares a great opportunity for having Leafguard provide viewers with his trusted home gutter system.

1o 30 Day Transmission follow up - Vicki Lester

2o Locksmith Problems & Mister Sparky Minute - Logan Pruett, Pop-A-Lock Atlanta, Bruce Fort

3o Tom's Tips - Tom DiGregorio , Jim Callahan (Ackerman Security)

4o Legal Lifeline - Gary Martin Hays

5o Leafguard Promotion

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