TDTV Episode 81, Airdate: 05/13/2012

Season: 2

Episode: 81

Air Date: 05/13/2012

Episode Info

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Dale brings together a group of experts to help a viewer who was unknowingly sold a stolen truck from an auto dealer and learns how consumers can avoid it from happening to them. A computer repair shop does the job erasing a customer's virus, but also deletes everything else. Then, we speak to a woman to find out why she has waited for 6 months to get her belongings shipped to her new home. Aquaguard's Tom DiGregorio shows off a beautiful backyard pool (and wishes it was his). And Dale highlights a big flooring sale from his trusted partners at 50 Floor.

This Weeks Guests:

1o Pit Stop Auto - Gary Bell, Gary Hays

2o Magazine Mess - Anna Junkins

3o Taco Bell & Mister Sparky - Rhonda Barnes , Chris Ferguson

4o Legal lifeline, truck wrecks - Gary Martin Hays

5o LivHome - Chris Foster

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