TDTV Episode 80, Airdate: 05/06/2012

Season: 2

Episode: 80

Air Date: 05/06/2012

Episode Info

After paying for a new roof, find out why a homeowner was billed again and how to fight it. Dale highlights an insurance company who treated a customer like a good neighbor. Tom DiGregorio and Joe Rusk of Aquaguard Foundation Solutions share signs of a sinking home and how it can be fixed. Gary Martin Hays explains why his law firm sees so many cases where people are injured from distracted drivers. We get an update on a story involving a manhole cover that damaged a car. And finally, Mister Sparky discusses the benefits of a clean air conditioner.

This Week's Guests:

1o ATL Roof - Rich Mathews, Teri Fields (Fincher, Denmark & Williams)

2o State Farm - Jill Sherman, Justin Thomzak (State Farm Insurance)

3o Tom's Tips, Aquaguard Foundation Solutions - Tom DiGregorio, Joe Rusk (Aquaguard)

4o Legal lifeline, distracted drivers - Gary Martin Hays

5o Manhole Folo and Mister Sparky Minute - Greg Widmer, Chris Ferguson (Mister Sparky)

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