TDTV Episode 79, Airdate: 04/29/2012

Season: 2

Episode: 79

Air Date: 05/06/2012

Episode Info

A viewer shares the secret way she says she discovered her mechanic drove her car for more than one-thousand miles - while also ruining her engine! But, AAMCO has incredibly good news for the car's owner. The law firm of Gary Martin Hays and provide information on preventing child sexual abuse. Dale shows a viewer who questions the benefits of joining a buying club. Mister Sparky describes a way for homeowners to easily take care of their air filters. A viewer gives his praises after the TrustDale team convinced a roofer to fix a pesky leak.

This Week's Guests:

1o Big Guy's Auto pt 1 - Pamela Burton

2o Big Guy's Auto pt 2 - Pamela Burton, Jason Cunningham (AAMCO)

3o Legal Lifeline, Keep GA Safe - Gary Martin Hays, Mary Ellen Fulkus

4o Direct Buy & Mister Sparky - Ricardo Reyes, Chris Ferguson

5o Leaky roof follow-up - Chris Roberts

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