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  • TRUSTDale News Published: 03/03/2014

    TrustDale TV Moves to WUPA-TV, Atlanta's CW 69

    March 2014 TrustDale TV begins its 2014 broadcast season with a new media partner.  Beginning Saturday, March 1, 2014, at 5:00 PM, TrustDale TV moves to Atlanta’s CBS affiliate WUPA-TV on The CW Network, known locally as CW 69.  With ...

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  • TRUSTDale News Published: 02/27/2014

    TrustDale Celebrates Ribbon Cutting at The Childrens Village

    February 2014 On Friday, February 21, a long year of fundraising and construction came to fruition.  The ribbon cutting of the new Crisis Stabilization Cottage and Multi-Court Recreational Facility on the campus of The Children’s Village i...

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  • Consumer News & Advice Published: 02/06/2014

    Tips to Avoid Burn Injuries at Home

    Jim Radcliffe, Manager, Medallion Home Inspections   Hot water burns from your home faucets and showers are dangerous to both adults and children.  But, these injuries can be easily avoided.  On the side of virtually every water heater...

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  • TRUSTDale News Published: 01/30/2014

    Cardwell Appeals to Governor to Hold GEMA Accountable

    The massive shutdown of Atlanta’s roads and expressways due to a snowstorm continues to garner national and international headlines to the embarrassment of government officials.  Tonight, WGST Talk Show Host and Consumer Investigator, Dale...

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  • TRUSTDale News Published: 01/29/2014

    Cardwell Calls For GEMA Resignation

    WGST Talk Show Host and Consumer Investigator, Dale Cardwell, to Call for Resignation of GEMA Director Atlanta is now more than 25 hours into the catastrophic weather and traffic event of 2014.  Thousands of stranded motorists still line the exp...

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  • TRUSTDale News Published: 01/06/2014

    TrustDale Radio Launches Daily on WGST

    Daily consumer problem solving is hitting Atlanta’s airwaves starting January 2014 on Talk Radio 640 WGST.  TrustDale Radio host and veteran Consumer Investigator, Dale Cardwell, is making his return.  Dale’s solving tough issue...

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  • Consumer News & Advice Published: 12/23/2013

    Mold from a Christmas Tree?

    By: Jim Radcliffe, Medallion Inspections   Did you know that a live Christmas tree in your house brings with it more mold spores than most other sources? Mold needs a protein found in cellulose to survive, along with a constant source of moistur...

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  • TRUSTDale News Published: 11/14/2013

    Dale Cardwell's Back and He's Got Your Back

    Metro Atlantans can now look forward to their most loved and feared consumer investigator’s return to daily watchdog reporting on a re-born Atlanta icon - Talk Radio 640 WGST. Clear Channel Radio, the nation’s leading media company with g...

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  • Consumer News & Advice Published: 11/07/2013

    Should a New House be Inspected?

    Jim Radcliffe, Manager, Medallion Inspections If you’re having a home built or you just purchased a new home, you probably think that new construction is less likely to have any real problems.  You are wrong!  Home inspectors actual...

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  • Consumer News & Advice Published: 10/30/2013

    Secrets to Beautiful Fall and Winter Landscaping

    By: The Design Experts at Outdoor Makeover   Fall is the season of gorgeous trees with the jewel tones of harvest.  But, soon those leaves drop and turn brown filling your yard and flower beds.  So, how can you keep a great looking yar...

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