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  • Consumer News & Advice Published: 03/27/2015

    What You Need to Know About Your Home's Electrical System

    March 27, 2015 You’ve heard them before. “Always unplug appliances during a storm.” “Even if the device is turned off it’s still using energy.” But are those statements really true? Yes, they most definitely are. A...

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  • Consumer News & Advice Published: 03/13/2015

    Quick Guide to Successfully Opening Your Swimming Pool

    March 13, 2015 By Tim Bolden, president of The Pool Butler As the weather warms up and we quickly approach spring, it’s time to start thinking about opening up your swimming pool! If your pool was properly winterized in the cooler months, then ...

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  • Consumer News & Advice Published: 03/06/2015

    TrustDALE at Kennesaw State University!

    March 6, 2015 Recently Dale Cardwell, along with AJC Reporter Dan Klepal, had the opportunity to speak to 25 students in Kennesaw State University’s investigative reporting class, taught by Tenisha Taylor Bell, president and CEO of Perfect Pitc...

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  • Consumer News & Advice Published: 02/27/2015

    Get Moving with a Professional

    February 27, 2015 Do you have a move in your future? Are you thinking about doing all the heavy lifting and moving yourself? Consider using a professional mover instead. You’ll save valuable time, ensure your possessions are property packed and...

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  • Consumer News & Advice Published: 02/20/2015

    Be Prepared Before Power Outages Happen

    February 20, 2015 For many of us north of Atlanta, this week’s weather caused more damage than expected. Many were without power for numerous hours, if not days. While some may have stocked up on food just in case they were housebound, preparin...

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  • Consumer News & Advice Published: 02/06/2015

    Buying a Hot Tub? Don't Get Into Hot Water Unnecessarily.

    February 6, 2015 Salt water vs. chlorine. Big box store vs. specialty spa store. If you’re thinking about buying a spa, you’ve probably had these questions pop up. We recently talked with John Wagner, of Advanced Spa Services in Tampa, in...

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  • Consumer News & Advice Published: 01/30/2015

    Three Hot Topics for the 2015 Tax Season

    January 30, 2015   It’s that time of year again – tax season. Every year seems bring new changes as well as new frustrations. We’ve highlighted three things you’ll want to be aware of in 2015. And, as always, if you need ...

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  • Consumer News & Advice Published: 01/15/2015

    7 Steps to Avoid Getting Ripped off at the Gym

    January 15, 2015 By Jessica Cardwell, director of client relations at TrustDALE When I was 17-years-old, I became a gym rat. It didn’t happen overnight—when I began, I didn’t know the first thing about gyms. I toured one of the bigg...

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  • Consumer News & Advice Published: 01/13/2015

    Fire Escape Planning 101

    January 9, 2015 Do you have an emergency plan in place in case of a house fire? Or have you thought about it but just never followed through? There’s no better time than now to make sure you and your family know what to do if a fire happens. Ac...

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  • Consumer News & Advice Published: 12/19/2014

    Common Credit Score Myths

    December 19, 2014 Your credit score. Do you know what it is? Have you checked your credit report in the last year for errors? Do you think you only have one credit score? On a recent episode of TrustDALE radio, Dale and Credit Sesame expert John Ulzh...

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