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Help Dale Give Abused Kids a Safe Home at
The Children’s Village

 Dale has a passion for helping kids. That’s why he's chosen to join Truett Cathy in supporting the life changing work that takes place every day at The Children’s Village.

I don’t know where else you could put your money that would be more beneficial than it would be to build facilities like they’re building at Christian City.”
– Truett Cathy

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The Children’s Village – Safe Haven for Abused Kids

The Children’s Village is a ministry of Christian City in Union City, Georgia. The ministry offers life services and a safe haven for children ages 5-17 who have been abused, neglected and/or abandoned. Every child is enabled to flourish at The Children’s Village. Two-parent group homes on a beautiful, residential campus serve as the foundation for a loving and supportive environment.

Dale’s Fund-raising Initiative

Dale and the TrustDale Partners have combined forces to support The Children’s Village and challenge others to join in this fundraising effort.  The goal of Dale’s initiative is to raise the contributions and materials needed to build two additional home structures for The Children’s Village campus for a total cost of $900,000. The ministry is currently turning away children every day who need their services due to lack of housing.

Your Help is Greatly Needed to Meet This Goal!


Click here to access the secure contribution form. Please designate on the form that your donation is for The Children’s Village. We appreciate your noting that you heard about this need through TrustDale so that your contributions count towards Dale’s goal.


If you have a business that can donate new building materials for construction, send an email to TrustDale with your name, business, phone, and the description of your donation. Email TrustDale


To find out more about the work of The Children’s Village and Christian City, go to:

The Children's Village