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TRUSTDale Health

Consumer Advocate Dale Cardwell researches and certifies the best local doctors and specialists. See who Dale recommends for your family and even your pets health. You'll find dermatologists, LASIK eye surgeons, sinus specialists, dentists, veterinarians & more.

The TrustDale Health “Pledge of Quality”*

All TrustDale Certified health and wellness providers must agree in writing to accept and abide by the following:

  1. As a TrustDale certified provider, we agree that our patients/clients have a right to extraordinary service.
  2. Our credentials, standards and level of customer service are among the industry’s highest and we make staff readily available to address patient/client questions and concerns.
  3. In the event a patient/client remains dissatisfied and chooses to submit a complaint* regarding a business or customer service practice to TrustDale, we agree to proactively address the concern with the patient/client for the quickest resolution.  However, due to doctor-patient privilege and privacy regulations for maintaining confidentiality, TrustDale will not mediate patient/client complaints.
  4. We agree that failure to comply with the TrustDale Pledge of Quality is grounds for removal from TrustDale and that the Pledge of Quality becomes valid when the patient/client contacts our business through a TrustDale referral, website, or confirms his/her purchase on or within 90 days of the original date of purchase or service. 

*EXCLUSIONS: TrustDale will not accept questions or complaints related to treatment plans or clinical outcomes. TrustDale will only review complaints of a non-clinical nature related to general business operations or customer service and contact the provider for a response to the patient/client.