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About Vestlet Realty:

Vestlet Realty is metro Atlanta’s premier non-traditional real estate agency.  Owner, Chester Joe Ard, and his team are HUD and REO specialists, which mean they have expert knowledge of the real estate bidding environment.  Their goal is to educate and assist buyers seeking rental investment property to find great deals and maximize the profits.

As your consumer investigator, I’ve discovered and exposed hundreds of investment scams. From pyramid schemes to a fake insurance salesman stealing seven million dollars from Georgia citizens, I’ve truly seen just about every scam there is. This experience has also taught me to identify components of honest investment opportunities. These components must include transparency, explanation of risk and understandability. In this economy, Vestlet is the best investment opportunity I’ve found. How it works: Vestlet Reality sells foreclosed homes to people like you and me who are looking to make a profit from buying low, leasing the property to renters, and eventually (if you choose) selling high. Of course, there are hundreds of companies claiming to offer the same service. In most cases, your risk is great because you know very little about the home and potential to give you a return. Vestlet is different, because their team is truly expert in minimizing that portion of your risk. They scour thousands of houses, examine their history, neighborhood - school zones, everything that could add or detract from its income-earning potential. Once the Vestlet team is sold, they offer the property for sale to you. Vestlet empowers you to make money three ways:

  1. Quick turn. Some investors want to buy the home, make needed repairs, and put it on the market for resale as quickly as possible. This is possible, but not the plan the Vestlet Pros most often recommend.
  2. Hold and Grow. The Vestlet Pros lead you to homes with the most income earning potential. They identify the amount of time it will take to make the property livable, and help you work with the most efficient, high-value contractor to get that done. Once the Vestlet team moves in they offer you “turnkey” property management. Vestlet finds your renter, collects your rent and handles your landlord tenant relationship. They offer this turnkey service for just 10% of the monthly rent - just 8% if you find them through TrustDale and sign up for my TrustDale Make It Right Guarantee. (Click here to see the benefits of the TD guarantee)
  3. Hold, Grow and Sell. Vestlet has a proven track record of earning double-digit returns for the clients. They accomplish this through minimizing the risk variables, providing efficient, turnkey rehab and property management. This plan offers the best opportunity for earning high returns. You should also be mindful that you’re buying houses at the lowest possible price. When the real estate market bounces back, and history shows us always does, your property could be worth far more than you paid for it. This is when you can seriously consider selling.

Service Area:

Metro Atlanta

What is the TRUSTDale Investigative Process & the Make it Right Guarantee?

7-Point Investigative Review

The TrustDale Investigative Process is completed through a personal interview with the business owner or representative, a completed application, public records search, and secret shopping.  TrustDale disclaims any liability for any and all inadvertent inaccuracies. 

  1. Price: The Company must price its main product or products competitively (unless there is a significant difference in the quality of the product).  The Company must honor the price it advertises, and not use unavailable products to lure and trap customers into more expensive products.
  2. Verified Reputation & Customer Service: The performance of each company is continually and systematically reviewed for delivery of excellent customer service.  This is achieved by conducting follow up surveys of customers who have contacted recommended service providers.
  3. What Would Cardwell Do:  Dale Cardwell developed a proven standard of consumer fairness through thousands of real-world problem-solving experiences.  This created the basis for “What Would Cardwell Do?” in regard to whether Dale would choose to personally do business with this Company. 
  4. Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs, Consumer Publications, FTC: Each Company is reviewed through the pertinent agencies and publications.
  5.  Licensing, Professional Certification, Insurance and Bonding: Each Company is reviewed for proper professional credentialing.
  6. Lawsuit Search and Review: A review of the Company’s litigation history is completed to assure no history of unprofessional or illegal business practices.
  7. “Make it Right Guarantee”: The Company agrees to accept and abide by TrustDale’s Make it Right Guarantee.

Make it Right Guarantee

Certified businesses must agree in writing to accept and abide by the following:

  1. Customers have a right to extraordinary customer service.
  2. My current warranty and customer service are among the best available in the field.
  3. I ensure complete customer satisfaction, by offering the TrustDale Make It Right guarantee.
  4. The TrustDale Guarantee becomes valid when a customer contacts the vendor through TrustDale, or confirms his purchase on within 24 hours of the transaction.
  5. The TrustDale Guarantee states that if the customer is dissatisfied with a product, repair or customer service, the customer will first employ the avenues of redress made available by the business’ customer service agreement. In the event that at the conclusion of the process the customer remains dissatisfied, he/she will have the right to take the grievance to TrustDale.
  6. I will allow TrustDale and an independent expert in the field to review the customer’s complaint. If upon conclusion of review, the independent expert and Dale agree that the customer’s position is justified, I agree to abide by the recommendation of TrustDale to Make It Right.
  7. Make It Right means the vendor will repair/replace the product as recommended by TrustDale, or will pay for the product to be repaired or replaced, or will reimburse the customer for the cost of the repair/product at a price up to, but not to exceed, the original price paid by the customer.