The Trouble With Rats

Season: 5

Episode: 156

Air Date: 06/20/2015

Episode Info

The Trouble With Rats.

The Trouble with Rats (Part 1)
This homerenter was horrified when, after living in their rental home for two months, they found it was infested with rats. Our Investigation team takes a look at the massive ammounts of damage done by the infestation, and we call our experts, Breda Pest Management out to examine the problem more thouroghly.

The Trouble with Rats (Part 2)
After our investigative team saw the homerenter's house infested with rats we went to the property management company to find out why they wouldn't let the family out of their lease. The property management company was not happy to see us.

Freshana Cleaning Solutions
Try the new, 100% Plant based cleaning products by Freshana. These cleaners are completely environmentally friendly, and actually help clea up our streams and resoviours as well as our homes, and their completely non-toxic as Dale shows us himself!

Home Energy Solutions
Don't let money slip through the cracks. George Hobby of Home Energy Solutions is here with another tip on how you can save energy and save money.

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